eddiscript simply represents my unique and personal style of typography, and art in general. these works are a reflection of myself, my personality, and my experiences. they are my inner thoughts and beliefs hand-lettered on a pocket-sized canvas with the aim to inspire and bring joy.

enjoy these works from 2016.
After graduating school, I found myself with a need to express my creativity on a page, but rather unsure of how to do it, or what art style to use. I had dabbled with sketching and painting and other various styles, and whilst I enjoyed all of these forms of art, and still do, I felt the unshakeable urge to try my hand at something different...
As I began to pay more attention to typography, I gained a fascination for the art of hand-lettering. I was intrigued by how typography has a language within the language - the font and style of text can tell just as much information about the text than the words themselves, if not more.

Typography has a personality. It has a character. It speaks to the viewer about how the origins of the message, and how the message is intended to be interpreted.

I decided I wanted to experiment with this - by hand.
I believe the beauty in handlettering is in the imperfections. A computer can generate a typeface flawlessly countless amount of times, but by hand, every letter is slightly different, slightly unique, and slightly different to the rest, even when all letters are part of the same word or written in the same font.

The beauty is in these slight imperfections. I see this as a reflection of the human race. We're all human, (designed in the same font, if you like). Yet we each look a little different from each other, each with our own imperfections and quirks. But I believe it's these very things that make us unique and individual. These are the things that make us truly beautiful.

No wonder God looked at all his creation, and without a second thought or any regret he concluded that it was good. All of it.
art, like life is a journey. may my journey inspire someone else.

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