a graphic exploration of my family, our kenyan roots, and the things that make us who we are...
my sister. she was super young when we moved from nairobi to adelaide. its funny cause she doesn't really remember much of home, but her roots are evident on her cadbury-dark-chocolate skin. hardly home but always reppin.
my brother.
nchi yetu ya kenya⠀
tuwe tayari kuilinda⠀
triple citizenship. heaven, kenya and straya, in that order.
origin story: western australia ft. wifey
raised in the a (adelaide).
citizen by association (nairobi, kenya).
i decided to surprise my mum with a unique, personal gift for her birthday. i documented the process of the creation of the artwork and her reaction upon receiving it. love.
You are your mother's legacy.
Last but not least, the chief. The original. Mkubwa himself. ⠀

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