inspired by light, colour and the power of perspective, this exhibition space aims to pull on the heart strings of its viewers as it plays home to an artwork that poses a very daunting question; “how does architecture affect mental health?”. the subject artwork, created by young, local artist, comprises of a web-like structure made up of an array of strings, and aims to redefine materiality in architecture.⠀⠀
in response to this poignant question, and the artist's desire to express fun and play in his artworks, the joy in rotation exhibition space aims to draw out emotions of joy and curiosity as the viewers interact with the space 3-dimensionally. the exhibition itself is a perceptional art piece, and appears to change as the viewer walks around and views it from different perspectives.
the space is made up of orange, thermoplastic polyurethane 3-dimensional volumes suspended from the ceiling by fishing wire. the shapes are transluscent,and reflect the light around them, creating glowing shades of orange and yellow. each shape is deliberately suspended at a particular height, and the collection of shapes are carefully aligned such that when viewed from certain angles, they appear to merge and make a distinguishable shape. from the front of the exhibition, the volumes appear to create a multiple-exposure action sequence image of a businessman jumping for joy, dressed in a suit and jumping in jubilation - a contrast to the emotions normally associated with the business world and the 9-5 workday. as the viewer manouveres to the right and around the space, the image distorts and becomes a random scattered collection of volumes, but as the viewer approaches a 90 degree angle, a new image forms - the word “joyful!”. the ever changing space creates an intriguing experience from every angle, encouraging viewers to continuously move around the site as their eyes seek to piece together the message created by the suspended shapes.
according to colour psychology, the colour orange conveys friendliness, cheerfulness and confidence, whilst the colour yellow conveys optimism, clarity and warmth.⠀

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