the phrase “health and wellbeing” describes our overall condition of existence.⠀
from a landscape perspective, our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social health is highly influenced by the way in which we live, and the environment that surrounds us. research shows that good environmental and landscape design has a positive effect on our mental health. particularly in the urban environment, it has become an increasingly pressing issue to design for people, rather than for machines. ⠀

the royal adelaide hospital is south sustralia’s flagship hospital, and it treats nearly half a million patients a year. the newly built hospital has a small playground in its north-west corner, the design of which feels like a lethargic afterthought. the playground does not appear to serve its purpose, and families neither know it exists nor do they use it.⠀

the merry spot project is a redevelopment of this desolate playground located in a peaceful and promising part of the hospital. the redevelopment seeks to inject life into the site by analysing what is needed from the playground in order to attract visitors, and implementing design changes in order fulfil these needs.
the merry spot is to be a place of respite and refreshment. it’s purpose is not to be an escape from the hospital, but rather an extension of it, designed to create positive experiences and memories within the hospital. this playground aims to unite the hospital community as well as the local community with unique play spaces, rich greenery, and an environment that fosters interaction between it’s users. It is targeted towards people of all ages and levels of ability/disability, and seeks to promote positive mental health through carefully thought design.
a particular focus for the merry spot is to increase the greenery in these spaces. It has been scientifically proven that green spaces impact happiness and depression rates, life expectancy, hospitalisation rates, healing, physical fitness, development in children, social interactions and sense of place. therefore, it is vital to increase the amount of greenery and tree coverage in the urban environment, and this is a priority in the development of the merry spot.

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